Lucy and Shadow

Nancy 01Another picture that suited that sense of light and shadow was a double-exposure that my brother Ed Jimison took of my sister. When I tried to capture the real sweetness in her face I found it very difficult.  I decided to burn this painting, so it only exists in digital form.

Nancy 01

50cm x 40cm


Nancy 04

I painted this in December, 2013 from a photograph in an article in National Geographic on religious struggles in Northern Nigeria. The photo was taken by Ed Kashi.  The painting has been purchased by Vivian Sawyer and Tom Noland of Louisville, Kentucky.

70cm x 50cm


Blackheath Rise Gallery

Rose Coloured Glasses

This painting took longer to finish than any other. It was still unfinished when displayed at my Open Studio in March, 2015, and as I prepared to pack up my studio, the rest of my household, and move. It is from photographs of two workers that were on the train home from work with me in December, 2014. I was struck by their unique styles and how beautifully they complimented each other, though they were unacquainted.

Blackheath Rise Gallery

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Floral Patterned Card Tables

I was given an old card table that was a sister to one with a frayed felt top already folded behind my sofa. I was inspired by a book from the V&A to repaint their tops, and give them each a hardy coat of matt varnish to protect them. One is in progress, not painted yet.







Here is the most recent one.